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Pump Tech Focus: Leistritz FlexCore Screw Pump Series

© Leistritz


Leistritz Pumpen GmbH is a long and storied name in maritime business, and with its FLEXCORE screw pumps the company claims to provide an unusually wide application window and more freedom of installation. "With FLEXCORE, Leistritz has created a groundbreaking innovation - a pump class that unites qualitative, functional and economic aspects in a flexible, quickly available series product," said Philipp Rossow, Product Manager at German Leistritz Pumpen GmbH.

To that end, Leistritz has engineered FLEXCORE as a series pump capable of adapting to a wide range of installation situations courtesy of a single basic casing for all pressure levels, flow directions and standards. "Its intelligent design with the exchangeable cartridge unit is particularly impressive when it comes to installation and maintenance," says Rossow.

Initially, Leistritz is launching pump sizes for flow rates of 7 - 564 l/min. The series will successively be expanded by eight additional sizes with flow rates up to 1,600 l/min. FLEXCORE is available in cast iron or steel casing.

The split FLEXCORE casing consists of a suction and pressure part and can be rotated four times by 90°. The alignment of the optimum flange position makes the FLEXCORE adaptable for installation - even in existing piping layouts. In addition: Depending on the application, different flange designs are possible: DIN, ASME or SAE.

"The cartridge unit of the FLEXCORE is the heart of this pump," said Rossow. Since the bearing is positioned on the outside, it is independent of the pumped medium. Therefore the FLEXCORE is especially suitable for low-viscous media. The seal installation space is designed for all common DIN-K mechanical seals. "We supply the pump with a very reliable standard seal, but the space allows other seals to be installed as well - depending on what the customer requires," he said.

In addition, the fully hardened spindle package and the patented thrust balancing system are geared to provide long life and ease of maintenance. Also, FLEXCORE's easy-to-change cartridge technology allows the pump core to be replaced in just a few minutes.

image"The cartridge unit of the FLEXCORE is the heart of this pump," said Philipp Rossow, Product Manager at German Leistritz Pumpen GmbH.
© Leistritz

Jul 30, 2020

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