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Olympic Orders Ampelmann Gangway for Olympic Orion CSOV

An Ampelmann gangway (Illustration only. This is not the W-type discussed in the article) - ©Ampelmann


Dutch offshore gangway specialist Ampelmann has sold its first W-type gangway system to the Norway-based offshore shipping company Olympic Offshore Wind AS.

The new system will be permanently fixed on the Olympic Orion in 2023 when the vessel will complete its conversion from a Multi-Purpose Support Vessel (MPSV) into a CSOV.

"Though this is not Ampelmann's first engagement with the SOV/CSOV market, the new system, partially based on new technology, marks an important turning point in the company's commitment to the renewable energy sector," Ampelmann said.

"The W-type is Ampelmann's latest system that satisfies a growing demand for safe, efficient, and sustainable access solutions in the renewable energy market. Tailor-made to individual vessels, the new system is electric, height-adjustable, and contains a lift and crane that can carry cargo and personnel. As it can compensate for vessel motions in sea states up to 3.5Hs, it will greatly increase the efficiency of maintenance operations on wind farms," Ampelmann said.imageOlympic Orion - Credit: Hartema Heyken/

"The height-adjustable gangway makes it an ideal tool to safely transfer crew and cargo from the vessel to different types of wind turbines. Alongside the new system, Ampelmann will provide operator training and 24/7 essential support through the company's Operation Control Centre (OCC). Until the W-type can be installed on the Olympic Orion, an E1000 has been temporarily fitted to the vessel so that it can continue its operations in the North Sea as a highly efficient Walk to Work vessel," the company said.

"We are pleased to continue our long-standing working relationship with Ampelmann. Olympic was one of the early movers in the offshore wind market and has been working more or less continuously on offshore wind projects for the last ten years. During this time, we have safely completed well over 200,000 personnel transfers via gangways without any incidents, and we look forward to continuing to expand our offerings to clients in this market going forward with the W-type onboard the Olympic Orion," says Marius Bergseth, COO Olympic.

Mar 16, 2022

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