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Logan Industries Launches US Scrubber Repair Service

(Photo: Logan Industries)

Texas-based hydraulic repair, manufacturing and rental company Logan Industries says will offer a high-alloy welding scrubber repair service from all coasts of the U.S. for the global marine shipping and cruise line industries.

Exhaust scrubbers enable a ship to maximize the use of lower cost fuel while minimizing harmful emissions. Installed in the diesel engine exhaust stacks in ships, scrubbers provide a water shower that rains down in the exhaust stack while the fumes rise up and out. The water combines with the fumes to pull an array of harmful emissions out of the air, creating an acid in the process that erodes cheaper steels. Therefore, the scrubber must be manufactured from exotic alloys and during its service life it must be maintained and repaired with high-alloy welding.

Logan says it has specially trained service teams and prepositioned equipment on each coast of the U.S. to offer fast turnaround scrubber repairs to ships when they enter port for bunkering, resupply, or on/offloading of customers and cargo. Working with Logan's sister company, Schelde Exotech, Logan brings European welding techniques on exotic materials to the U.S. and provides worldwide coverage, deploying service teams to repair these unique devices.

Dean Carey, technical director, Logan, says, "We are fortunate that many of Logan's engineers have already been performing this type of specialized repair for several decades. By officially bringing scrubber repair into Logan's suite of service offerings, we are growing our customer base but also providing a valuable service to current Schelde Exotech customers when they are in the U.S. and require immediate assistance or repairs. This type of welding repair fits our model of providing specialized service and repairs alongside a unique engineered solution, where not many others can."

Mar 2, 2021

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