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KVH Debuts KVH ONE Hybrid Network and TracNet Terminals

(Image: KVH Industries, Inc.)

KVH Industries, Inc. introduces the KVH ONE hybrid network and TracNet terminals for fast, reliable connectivity at sea and at the dock. The TracNet H30, H60, and H90 terminals feature satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi technology under one dome, with intelligent, automatic switching based on availability, cost, and quality of data connection to continually deliver the best performance.

The KVH ONE network includes 276 million sq. km (106+ million sq. miles) of satellite coverage using KVH's global, layered HTS network, powered by Intelsat. The network offers VSAT speeds as fast as 20/3 Mbps (down/up). Subscribers also enjoy integrated support for 5G/LTE cellular service in 150+ countries as well as the flexibility to add user-supplied SIM cards for local service. Plus, TracNet terminals can connect to shore-based Wi-Fi networks using the integrated Wi-Fi bridge for additional speed and cost-saving benefits.

"With the TracNet terminals and the KVH ONE hybrid network, we continue our legacy of disrupting the maritime market with game-changing innovations. Today, we are introducing a new standard for integration, convenience, speed, and affordability for commercial seafarers and leisure boaters worldwide," said Brent Bruun, KVH's President and CEO. "Together, KVH ONE and the groundbreaking TracNet H-series terminals are the first to offer a fully integrated hybrid maritime solution of this type. We believe that they will deliver the best possible connectivity performance for nearly all types of vessels, even in rough seas or at high speeds."

The TracNet product line features three terminals: the ultra-compact 37 cm TracNet H30, the compact 60 cm TracNet H60, and the 1-meter TracNet H90. All TracNet terminals feature tuned reflectors, multi-axis stabilization, stabilized skew, digital IMUs, and a commercial-grade rotary joint with continuous azimuth for outstanding reception, improved signal efficiency, and high-performance tracking for fast boats and rough seas. The single-cable design and AC and DC power options make installation easy.

All TracNet terminals will initially ship with the 1U high, rack-mountable, AC-powered KVH TracNet Hub+. The Hub+ features a versatile touchscreen GUI, AC power, a built-in Wi-Fi router and ethernet ports, two VoIP lines, user-supplied SIM access, and storage for KVH Link content. The compact, wall-mountable, DC-powered TracNet Hub is expected to be commercially available for the TracNet H30 and H60 terminals later in 2022.

image(Image: KVH Industries, Inc.)

KVH said it offers a range of KVH ONE airtime plans. TracNet H30 offers the option of high-speed plans with unlimited use or lower cost, high-speed metered plans. The TracNet H60 and H90 also offer the same high-speed options plus a separate unlimited use channel. Airtime plans are month-to-month contracts with flexible suspension policies to satisfy the needs of boaters and charters who may only use their boats part of the year or commercial vessel operators whose work is seasonal. TracNet users enjoy secure, versatile network, terminal, and data controls through the KVH Manager suite of tools along with the new KVH Connect app for iOS and Android.

KVH ONE and the TracNet terminals also support an array of value-added services, including KVH Elite, an unlimited streaming service for yachts, and KVH Link, KVH's exclusive commercial maritime crew wellbeing and operational content service (expected to be available to commercial vessels and fleets later in 2022).

"The KVH ONE and TracNet combination offer a new level of flexibility and consistent, affordable communications for leisure and commercial users," says Mark Woodhead, KVH's Executive Vice President of Mobile Connectivity. "KVH has simplified installation and reduced costs for customers by consolidating three communication devices into one dome while designing terminals as much as 51% lighter than leading competing terminals. Users will benefit from the convenience of a single invoice and can take advantage of the hybrid design to maximize speeds and minimize costs at the dock, underway, and offshore."

Accordong to KVH, TracNet terminals also reflect its commitment to cybersecurity with integrated, terminal-level protections plus KVH's multi-level network cybersecurity program. For users seeking an additional layer of protection, TracNet terminals will also be available with an optional, enterprise-grade cybersecurity upgrade via the Fortinet UTM subscription (expected to be available later in 2022) and a Fortigate Firewall belowdeck unit. In addition, KVH ONE and TracNet will support KVH's new cloud-based email service.

Jul 7, 2022

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