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RENOLIT's Films Showcased at METSTRADE

Posted by Michelle Howard

RENOLIT is offering new and innovative alternatives to conventional paintings. Especially the antifouling film RENOLIT DOLPHIN S is setting new standards in the market. Now, the company presents its products at the world's largest B2B leisure marine equipment show: The METSTRADE in Amsterdam.

Against the background of the EU biocide regulations, the demand for alternative biocide-free antifouling coatings increases constantly. RENOLIT developed a product solving the problem of toxic antifouling coatings. The biocide-free fouling release film RENOLIT DOPLHIN S can be applied on ships and offshore structures; it is IMO-certified and thereby complies with the IMO AFS International Convention on the Harmful Anti-Fouling Systems on Ship (2001). A unique feature of the film: The ability to turn a surface into an amphiphilic one. Studies have shown that there are certain types of barnacles which primarily adhere to hydrophobic surfaces while other types primarily adhere to hydrophilic surfaces. Previous antifouling coatings have only hydrophobic properties; therefore, they wouldn´t prevent the adhesion of the barnacles on hydrophilic surfaces.

The RENOLIT DOLPHIN S film combines both properties and is thereby "amphiphilic". Due to these attributes, marine organisms cannot entirely adhere to the ship´s hull; they are simply washed off by the speed of the moving vessel (above 7 knots).

At this year´s METSTRADE, RENOLIT presents its maritime films for the first time.

Nov 8, 2018

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