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DESMI Extends BWMS Range with Two New Units

(Image: DESMI)


DESMI developed two new ballast water management systems (BWMS) covering bulker solutions and ships sailing in IMO waters only or primarily: CompactClean Bulker and CompactClean OptIMO.

"Not all ships are engaged in global trade but rather in regional or domestic trade, and as such a significant part of the world fleet will never, or only rarely, enter U.S. waters. Such vessels can benefit of a BWMS solution that is optimized to IMO requirements and not U.S. Coast Guard requirements, and this is exactly what we have developed with our new CompactClean OptIMO BWMS. This BWMS has lower power consumption and fewer UV lamps and thus provides both CAPEX and OPEX savings, as well as an even smaller footprint than the market leading footprint of CompactClean BWMS," said Rasmus Folsø, CEO DESMI Ocean Guard. "Moreover, the OptIMO BWMS meets the USCG requirements and can be operated in a U.S. compliance mode, which however involves a smaller maximum flowrate, but does make it suitable for operation in U.S. waters when needed".

With the CompactClean OptIMO BWMS, DESMI claims it provides owners with an opportunity to select a BWMS optimized to the needs of the vessel and its operation.

The CompactClean Bulker is a BWMS optimized for the operation of bulk carriers or other vessel types, where discharge of ballast water is performed at increased flowrate. With the bulker solution DESMI can tailor-make a BWMS that will allow one flowrate during ballast, and another and higher flowrate during de-ballast. As the filter is only applied during ballast operation it can be downsized to match the lower flow during ballast, and therefore CompactClean Bulker is designed to deliver a capex reduction, as well as opex reduction in case the filter internals need replacement during the life of the BWMS, the company said.

May 4, 2021

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