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A-60 Fire Damper Is Slimmer Than All Others

Photo: Delta "T" Systems

Posted by Michelle Howard

Average marine fire dampers don't take bulkhead and deck thicknesses into consideration. Naval architects, marine engineers and commercial boatbuilders typically have to modify their plan to accommodate this limitation. Delta "T" Systems' Slimline A-60 Rated Marine Fire Damper is a mere 4.25" deep. The thinnest on the market, it provides serious design adaptability, whether the project is a refit or new build.

Made in the USA of 100 marine marine grade 316 stainless steel, Delta "T" Systems offers 56 standard and unlimited custom sizes of its Slimline A-60 fire damper, up to 46.75" x 46.75". With stronger and thicker materials than the competition, it's USCG approved for use in penetrating Class A-0, A-15, A-30 and A-60 bulkheads and decks, is Wheelmark certified under EU Marine Equipment Directive (MED) and complies with Subchapter M.

The Slimline A-60 Rated Marine Fire Damper delivers absolute failsafe operation. CE approved, its electric actuator is powered by 24-240VAC or 24-125VDC and is housed in a NEMA IP54 ZP Type 2 enclosure.

In the event that the temperature rises above 165° F, the separately mounted and manually resettable heat sensor triggers the actuator to automatically close the damper. The actuator delivers 180 in-lb of closing torque to its overlapping blades with an independent, patented locking mechanism that only engages in the case of a true fire event.

A test switch is mounted above the temperature sensor. This allows the ship's engineer or USCG inspector to test the operation of the damper.

Delta "T" Systems Slimline A-60 Rated Marine Fire Dampers are fully assembled and ready to install.

Oct 5, 2018

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